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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.


                                                       “THE UNACCEPTABLE SEED”



1. scripture Matt.13:24-30

        -a. as recorded here we find what is referred to as the “parable of the tares”

        -b. herein are the basics of what was well known, that of “sowing and reaping”

                 -1-. as the sower would go forth and spread his seed(desired crop)

                 -2-. and oftentimes, “tares” being weeds would spring up and affect the crop


2. Christ took this understanding and applied a higher spiritual meaning that a lesson

         might be taught concerning those of the kingdom.


3. Usually the disciples understood the parables, but a few times they “had to ask”,

         this parable being one of those, AND it was then explained

                   -a. parable spoken in verses 24-30

                   -b,. then later explained in verses 36-43



                              a. seed was sown by the master

                              b. during the night, the enemy comes and sows(plants) tares

                                          all over the same field(far more than normal quantity)- vs.25

                              c. as the field started to sprout, immediately there was a difference seen -vs.26

                              d. servants ask if they should “pull up” the tares

                              e. the master says “NO” as it would upset the whole field as the

                                     roots are intertwined – vs.29

                              f. allow the field to grow with both

                              g. in the harvest, the two shall be separated

                                                                     the “good” shall be gathered and kept

                                                                     the “bad” shall be thrown into the furnace of fire


  4. So, what is the LESSON for us today???

             -a. there are two types of seed that have been sown

            -b. and the field is “the world” – Matt.13:38a




   1.Matt.13:38.. “as far as the good seed, these are the sons of the Kingdom…”


   2. in the parable just spoken before this one, “the parable of the soils”,

            we are told that the seed is the word of the kingdom – Matt.13:19

             (same context) Luke’s account states that the seed is the word of God – Luke 8:11

                   Marks account is very plain- Mark 4:14…  “the sower sows the word”



      -a. it would appear that the same thought continues here


      -b.  the “sons of the kingdom” were produced by the “seed” that was “planted”

             -1. and that principal still applies today

             -2. by accepting the implanted word – James 1:18

             -3. And thru our obedience – Romans 6:17-18

             -4. therefore, James 1:21

             -5. I Cor.4:15… “…I beget you thru the gospel…”


              the maturing of the good seed will produce what was meant to be


    -c. the “good seed” was sown and as a result will be the wheat(Matt.13:25) which the master

             desired as a crop in the end, to be gathered

                  it is what the master wanted

                  the seed planted will produce what he desired – Rom.1:16

                  the seed he planted will bring a harvest – Isa.55:11


  3. By means of the inspired writings thru the Holy Spirit,

          -a. we have the ability to grow – II Pet.3:18

          -b. we have the ability to mature looking unto completeness in Christ – Eph.4:15


          -c. II Tim.3:16-17


---------------------------------           ------------------------------         ------------------------------


   1. Matt.13:25..

           -a. “tares” were a weed like plant

           -b. but its characteristics provided no good food source

                                  possibly even causing the wheat to be harmed/ “stunted” by it’s presence.


   2. Just as the “good seed” had been planted,

           -a. so the “tares” were planted by the evil one

           -b. “tares” were planted to harm, corrupt,  bring ruin to what the master had desired

           -c. this was no accident


  3. “tares” are different than the good seed


                  MASTER                 PLANTED GOOD SEED            SONS OF THE KINGDOM


                 EVIL ONE                PLANTED TARES                     SONS OF THE EVIL ONE



  4. Just as the seed of the master is “the word”, the sound doctrine, truth,

          the “tares” are teachings of a way of life contrary to/opposite of the word of truth

            -a. as in Eph.2:2.. “the course of this world”

            -b. as in Phil.3:19…  “whose god is their belly…”

            -c. as in Jude verse 4… “certain ones who have crept in unaware” to deceive

                                                                                                                                to lead astray

            -d. Col.2:8…  “see that no one takes you captive by their teachings…”


  5. the “tares”/teachings which lead individuals to accept  “this world” as the end goal,

               as well as the thoughts/ideas of man concerning the teachings of God’s will

           -a. Matt.15:9

           -b. without acknowledging “sound doctrine”, they look for “options” – II Tim.4:3-4


           -c. during the New Testament days, some were saying we have “teachings” different

                 than what Paul brought to you….”listen to us” – Gal.4:17…5:8


  6. “tares” are teachings(seed) that brings about opposition to the sound truth.


  7. And as the sons of the kingdom mature and grow to bring forth their fruit,

          we read where the sons of the evil one shall as well “mature in their ungodliness”

                                                                                                                               II Tim.3:13

----------------------------------          --------------------------         ----------------------------------


   1. But who would come forth seeking to bring ruin, destruction to good that was meant???

        -a. Matt.13:25…verse 38

        -b. verse 39

        -c. as in Genesis 3:4..  “thou shalt not surely die..”


   2. I Peter 5:8

             Rev.12:9.. “the deceiver of the whole world”


                     -a. although many in this world would REJECT the thought that they are

                             “sons of the evil one”, in reality that is the case


                    -b. “IF” we are not “accepting the good seed”, we are “tares in this world”!

                    -c. Matt:6:24 -  no man can serve two masters

                    -d. Matt.12:30…  no neutral ground


  3. II Cor.4:4.. god of this world…”

            -a. “to be blinded” is a choice made

            -b. but many have allowed themselves to be “blinded to the light of the gospel”  

            -c. for all that is “here” is before their eyes


  4. To those rejecting Christ’s authority in John chapter 8,

           Christ states in verse 44…  “you are of your father then devil”

-----------------------------------             ----------------------------------         --------------------------------


 1. Matt.13:28-30a

           -a. notice, all would continue UNTIL the harvest(until the end)

           -b. The good and the bad shall continue alongside one another …in this world

           -c. BUT, there was an “UNTIL”, meaning a time would come when

                                                                                                                        they are no more together


   2. Matt.13:38… tells us they grow together “in this world”

                 “and the field is the world…”

       -a. it is said that the “roots” are usually so inter-twined

       -b. to pull up one would be to harm the other as well

       -c. Matt.13:30 … “so let them grow together…”


 3. the sons of the kingdom shall dwell with the sons of the evil one “FOR NOW”



  4. this world contains a “mixture” of those seeking to follow God

                                                             and those that have chosen a different course in this life


  5. God looks into this world and sees:

                                                     “two” groups of people

                                                     serving “two” opposing masters

                                                     destined for “two” different eternities


  6. Paul stated that be separated from the unrighteous would require

                   “leaving this world” – I Cor.5:9-10

------------------------------            ------------------------------           -----------------------------


   1. Matt.13:30… explained further in verse 39

          -a The harvest is when the “UNTIL” is completed

          -b. their time of being together “is up”


   2. God shall then make a division between the two groups:

          -a. the tares(sons of the evil one) which the master did not plant

                                                                 did not produce what the master desired

                     -1-. The tares shall be gathered and burned – Matt.13:40

                     -2-. Matt.13:42


       -b. the wheat(sons of the kingdom) which produced what was desired

                                                                                   brought to pass their fruits

                   -1-. They shall be gathered and kept for the master

                   -2-. Matt.13:43


 3. Every life produces “fruit”…

            -a. “fruit” being what the outcome of our life resulted in

            -b. but what kind???


                     -1. “fruit” = a product which yields ungodliness, deceit, ill-will


                    -2. “fruit” that gives respect, glory unto God by the life we strived to live


             Notice Romans 6:21-23                                                   

                   What fruit had ye then in those things whereof ye are now ashamed? for the

             end of those things is death. But now being made free from sin, and become

             servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

             For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus

             Christ our Lord.


---------------------------------           ---------------------------        --------------------------------


1. Matt.13:43..

                    “he who hath ears, let him hear…”


2.  For those seeking to learn,

                   then pay attention to what has been spoken.


3. Christ taught in a variety of ways, one of those being “parables”

         And here in Matt. Chapter 13, we are to learn:

                               -a. the word of God has been given

                               -b. Christ shall come again

                               -c. there will be a great separation

                                                                        between the righteous

                                                                                     and the unrighteous


4. If we have allowed the word to produce fruit from our lives

                      then we shall be granted an entrance in the heavenly kingdom – II Pet.1:10-11

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