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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.


                                                           “CHRIST IS SUFFICIENT”




1) scripture – Colossians 1:13-20

      -a. this book is one of the “prison epistles”, in that it was one of those penned by Paul

              while he was a prisoner…as was Ephesians and Philippians 


2) When Paul first met the Christ on the road to Damascus, he was not sure WHO this

            Lord was—“Who are you Lord?” – Acts 9:3-5

      -a. as time would pass

      -b. Paul would write about WHO He had come to know and understand



3) Every book has a main/specific purpose as well as other “side issues” that are often

                dealt with, so that the Christians may be “comforted”, “informed”,

                and as well as “warned”

       -a. therefore within this book, Colossians, the apostle is dealing with some specific issues

                  that have come forth, such as…


                      -1-. teachings that Christ and His words ARE NOT ENOUGH to bring salvation

                      -2-. Jesus was not actually ever a “real human being”

                                    (God is good-flesh is evil so Jesus was not a real human being)

                    -3-. God could not have created this “flawed world” as “matter”(physical items)

                             are evil

                    -4-. Christ’s teachings-apostles were too simple, and you needed a higher

                              “spiritual knowledge” that only certain ones had attained to…

                                   “knowing ones” superior to Christ and the apostles - Gnostics


4) These items and others all make up what is referred to as the “Colossian Heresy”

          and Paul writes to refute these errors concerning the Christ.


5) Therefore, in this book Paul sets forth that Christ IS ALL we need as well as

               the fact that Christ furnishes ALL WE NEED  to obtain salvation


           -a. false views were seeking to undermine Christ’s authority/position

           -b. Paul writes to “uphold” the complete deity and authority of the Christ –Col.2:9

           -c. many statements set forth “the superiority of The Christ”

                                               For by Him were all things created -Col.1:16

                                               For by Him are all things held together – Col.1:17

                                               He is the head of the body – Col.1:18

                                               He has now reconciled you – Col.1:22


6) In this letter is Christ “held forth” as having the ability to bring all into a

          complete and saved relationship, fitted for eternity to come. -Col.1:28





   1) Col.1:16-17…

           -a. for thru Him were all things created.

           -b. although “God” created the heavens and the earth… -Gen.1:1

           -c. specifically, it- was- Christ himself that actually created/brought into existence

                                          not the Father

                                          not the Holy Spirit…

                                                               but thru Christ did the physical come into existence


  2) There were those rejecting the thought that Jesus was God and was the creator,

        Their errors in belief brought about wrong conclusions of Christ…

        but the scriptures teach:

                                       -a. John 1:3… all things were made thru him

                                                            creative force that “spoke into existence the physical”


                                      -b. Hebrews 1:2… thru whom He made the worlds


                                      -c. Hebrews 1:8-10 …items achieved by the “Son”

                                                   God the Father, speaking of the accomplishments of the Son

                                                                                 “laid the foundations of the world,

                                                                                   heavens are the work of your hands..”


   3) Because Christ “BROUGHT ALL THINGS” into existence, then as stated in Col.1:17,

            that he was “before all things”

                                     “existed before anything was created”

                      -a. John 17:5 

                      -b. for God the Father was the “originator of what was to come”

                                  Christ was the “fulfiller that brought all to pass” – I Cor.8:6

 4) Romans 11:36      

---------------------------------               --------------------------------            ---------------------------------


   1) Colossians 1:13…

           -a. As Christians, we have been translated “into Christ’s kingdom”

           -b. it is referred to as the “kingdom of the Son”


  2) Christ came to establish His “kingdom”

       -a. from the Old Testament prophets would the words of a “coming kingdom”

                be spoken – Dan.2:44


       -b. as the “Magi”(wise-men) came seeking the new-born king,

                  by no means did they understand the “king He was to ultimately  be” - Matt.2:1


       -c.  Mark 9:1… some there would not die till they see the kingdom in existence

                           -1-. Although Christ’s death was to come to pass

                           -2-. Some there would “see” events that ushered in the kingdom

                           -3-. miraculous events on Pentecost revealed “something God had planned”,

                                      and Peter speaks of these things which you see and hear…”

                                                                                            Acts 2:33


       -d. during the lifetime of John the Baptist and Jesus, the kingdom was “at hand”,

                 It was near, but would result based upon Christ’s D.B.R.

                   -1.  John came preaching – Matt.3:2

                   -2. Christ came preaching – Matt.4:17

                   -3. First disciples sent out to teach – Matt.10:7


        -e. rather than a “physical kingdom”, it would be spiritual in nature,

                therefore not based upon items of this world. – John 18:36


      -f. As Peter would preach the first gospel sermon as the New Testament came into

                existence,(Acts 2:1-41) he “opened the doors” into Christ’s kingdom, the church

                         Matt.16:18 –     “keys to the kingdom opened the doors”


     -g. before the cross, the kingdom was “to come”(in the future)



           after the cross, the kingdom “has come” – is in existence -   (presently exists)              

                      Heb.12:28…. Rev.1:6


 3. Based on His resurrection;

           -a. seated on His  heavenly throne  - Acts 2:30-31

           -b. and the Christians acknowledged their “king” – Acts 17:7

--------------------------------             ---------------------------------          ---------------------------------------


   1) Colossians 1:18…

       -a. as the word  “firstborn” refers to sometimes,

                    -1-. the actual first-one born, whether man or beast

                    -2-. as well as the first-one-of some great importance/higher purpose/pre-eminent


                                        -a-. said of Israel – Exo..4:22 …although Israel was not the first nation      

                                        -b-. said of David – Psa.89:20,27 although David had eight older brothers


     -b. Christ was the “firstborn from the dead”

                   -1-. Now, he was not the first person to be raised from the dead,

                          so not first in order… i.e. had been many others - Lazarus, daughter of Jarius

                          so not just referring to someone “having been raised”


                   -2-. Rather, he was raised “never to die again”-… first  of a certain importance

                                                                                                             (“to never die again”)


                                     -a-.  raised as a guarantee that all others shall be raised-

                                     -b-.  raised as the “firstfruits” of our resurrection – I Cor.15:20 


                    -3-. That all who ever die SHALL be raised once again – John 5:28-29


 2) I Corinthians chapter 15 is the “proclamation” of the resurrection of Christ,

           And that WE shall be raised when Christ returns

            -a. I Cor.15:21-22 – for thru Adam was “physical death” brought forth

                                               for thru Christ is “physical death” to be overturned
            -b. I Cor.15:51-52


-----------------------------------            ----------------------------------           -----------------------------------


   1) Colossians 1:18…

           -a. just as Christ IS FIRST in regards to the realm of nature

                  creator – sustainer


           -b. He is supreme in the spiritual realm as well…

                as the head, having all authority


  2) just as our “physical body” has a head which directs, instructs

       and then in turn,  the “body” then reacts to the guidance of the head

           -a. often symbolism used in the N.T.

           -b. Eph.5:23 .. for Christ is the head of the church

                                                                              Col.1:18…the body being the church


  3) The church “came forth” with Christ’s “AUTHORITY” to oversee

         -a. Matt.28:18-20

         -b. Col.3:17

        -c. apostles sent forth to speak and act according to “Christ’s authority”

               and seeking to please “no one else” – Gal.1:10


 4) The Old Testament prophets had “foretold”,

         Isaiah 2:2-3….. Micah 4:11-fff


        And Christ, as head was the fulfillment…

----------------------------------            -------------------------------------              --------------------------------



   1) Colossians 1:14…

          -a. thru this “same Jesus” we HAVE forgiveness of our sins

          -b. not just possibly, hopefully, to some degree but still needing something more

          -c. but we HAVE---fully, completely, to the greatest degree forgiveness is in Christ

          -d. for the purpose of His coming – Matt.1:21


 2) Eph.1:7… “redemption” was a word often associated with

                           “the purchase of a slave with the view of freedom”

             -a. I Cor.6:20 – for ye were bought with a price

             -b. and that was thru the “giving of Christ’s life/blood – Matt.26:26-28


         -c. Hundreds of years before Christ, the prophet Zechariah would tell of a “cleansing



 3)For those seeking a “way of salvation” besides that which pertains to Christ and His will,


                                   “there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins”


 4)His sacrifice was “COMPLETE”, and therefore lacking in NO WAY

          -a. one sacrifice -

          -b. for all men – Heb.2:9

          -c. for all time – Heb.10:10….9:12   “once for all”

                                                              7:27   “once for all”



----------------------------------             ------------------------------------             ---------------------------------


1) There were those setting forth that Christ WAS NOT SUFFICIENT for our spiritual needs.


2) The point within the letter to the Colossians was to establish Christs’s  COMPLETENESS

             Christ IS God and was the creator of ALL things

            Christ has ALL authority

            Christ was the perfect sacrifice for ALL man

            Christ being raised assures that ALL shall be raised in the last day


3)  Colossians 3:24

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