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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.




                                                               “NEW IN CHRIST”



1) II Cor.5:17…

          -a. we all probably like it when something “new” is received.

          -b. we waited, looked forward for its arrival,


2) God worked for many centuries, so that one day He might bring forth

         that which was to be “new”

             -a. what had been perfected

             -b. what came after much time thru a gradual process

             -c. that the “new”, which was always purposed could “come into being”/a reality 

             -d. Gal.4:4


3) Hebrews 9:26

                      “… but now once in the end of the world hath he

                  appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.”


4) The bible tells of “new things” that God has revealed,

          a part of the plans, but took time to bring to pass…

            Peter quotes from the prophet Joel..

               In Acts 2:17…  “and it shall come to pass in the last days…”




   1. Jer.31:31-fff…

             -a. around 600 years before Christ, the prophesy of the coming “new testament”

                     was set forth

            -b. the “old testament” was in force,

                               serving it’s purpose, - Gal.3:24

                               but would one day be done away, - Rom.10:4

                              making possible the “new testament” – Heb.10:9


           -c. the Hebrew writer “commenting on” Jeremiah’s prophesy – Heb.8:13


   2. By means of “shadows” and “types”(symbolism) was the “new” seen from the

                 old testament age…

                                -a. Col.2:16-17

                                -b. Heb.9:9 – old tabernacle was a symbol of what was coming


                                -c. Heb.10:1


   3. Gal.4:4….


 4. Although the “first covenant” offered blessings,

         It could not compare to the “new covenant”

            II Cor.3:10-11

                                For even that which was made glorious had no glory in this respect, by reason

                       of the glory that excelleth. For if that which is done away was glorious, much

                       more that which remaineth is glorious.


5. This “new covenant” would include all,

                thereby salvation unto all would be thru one source- Christ Jesus – Eph.2:14-15

-------------------------------------            ------------------------------------------          --------------------------------


   1. II Cor.5:17…

           -a. a new creation ---WHY???

                     because changes are coming in our lives.

                     You can’t stay “as you were”


         -b. Eph.2:10… “created in Christ Jesus...”

                     -1-. united with Him in baptism –

                     -2-. raised to walk in newness of life – Rom.6:4


   2. given a “new name”

          -a. Isa.56:5…. speaking of a “name” that would be given to those following God

          -b. many years later, Acts 11:26

                      -1-. Christian = a follower of Christ

                      -2-. “first called”…

                             -a-. “first” – Gr. meaning “first in order”   …i.e. the first time

                             -b-. “called” – Gr. meaning of a divine calling(specific word)

                                                                 meaning  authorized by God                          9 times only

                                                                                                                                                  in scripture

                                     -3-. Acts 26:28



  3. habits and attitudes to be “adjusted” based on our “new life” – Rom:6:19



  4. Col.3:5… “to clean up the mess we made”

                            -1-. “to put off” – Eph.4:22

                            -2-. “to put on” – Eph.4:24

 5. Rom.12:1-2….

       -a. as time progresses, we will be “changing starting within”

       -b. Col.3:10…

                  -1-. Our growing knowledge of “who we are to be”

                                                                          “what we are to be”


                 -2-. will start “transforming” us into the image of our creator


                -3-. Col.3:11… a “spiritual growth” in which there is no distinctions among individuals


--------------------------------------             -----------------------------------          -------------------------------


   1. Hebrews 10:19-20…

           -a. our ability to “enter the heavenly realm” has come to pass

           -b. past ages did not possess the ability “by themselves” to give entrance

                    -1-. faithful Jews under the O.T. were “eligible”/ “entitled”  for entrance

                    -2-. but the actual “ability” had not been instituted as yet – Heb.10:4


          “the road to heaven had not been completed as yet, still under construction”


                    -3. Heb.9:15…by Christ’s sacrifice they could “now” have access

                    -4. Heb.11:39-40


   2.Two thoughts are brought forth:

              A) “new way”- Gr. word(prosphatos) not just referring to being “new in time”, but

                        rather a way that is “fresh” and “retains it’s freshness”…. never grows old

                                “things not having lost their character or appearance by a lapse in time”   


                            -1. Heb.7:25.. he always lives to make intercession for us…”


             B) “living way” –

                          -1. not by means of a “dead animal”

                          -2. Rev. 1:18… “I am alive for evermore…”

                          -3. Hebrews 7:24

                          -4. While we are here in this life,

                                    He is “there”, interceding on our behalf when sin occurs – I John 2:1-2


   3. Although there was a “temporary way” earlier in time,

            It was superseded by the new and living way.

                     -a.  for Christ ascended- Acts 1:9

                     -b. passed thru the heavens – Heb.4:14

                     -c. and serves US before the Father – Heb.9:24



----------------------------------------          ------------------------------          --------------------------------


  1. To tell others about the “salvation offered”

           -a. concerning those early Christians – Acts 8:4

           -b. to spread the message—by talking, literature,

           -c. Christ’s purpose--  Luke 19:10—is as well our mission ALSO



   2. We are to be preparing for “what is to come…”

            a woman who makes candles once said…              

                                                  “you don’t prepare for the darkness when it is dark,

                                                   and you don’t prepare for death once you have died”


                   -a. II Cor.5:9.. “our goal is to be well pleasing..”

                   -b. therefore, “giving diligence…” – II Pet.1:10


   3. to be prepared for His coming – Matt.24:42,44


   4. “looking for” and “waiting” – Heb.9:28…  II Peter 3:12

-------------------------------------------           ------------------------------       -------------------------------


   1. Romans 6:21-22…

            -a. in times past, w/o Christ, the outcome would have been “death”

                                                                                                                        (eternally lost)

                            “in times past, heaven was not our destiny”


            -b. but NOW, in Christ the outcome has the ability of eternal life!


           -c. those “outside” as Paul states who “have no hope” – I Thess.4:13

                    but for the righteous – Prov.14:32


   2. We decided that “salvation”(eternal life) was our goal,

                 and “KNOW” changes were required. – Gal.6:8


   3. Scriptures reveal what we have a “hope for” -

                                        eternal reward – Heb.10:35

                                        inheritance – I Peter 1:4

                                        rest- II Thess.1:7

                                        crown of righteousness- II Tim.4:8

                                        no more fighting a battle, for it will have been won!


   4. I Peter 1:9   

              “receiving at the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls…”      



            -a. “new Jerusalem” symbolic of the heavenly realm

            -b. the “same city” as the patriarchs of old were searching for “by faith” – Heb.11:10

            -c. and for which we seek, an abiding city – Heb.13:14


6. Phil.3:20-21…

            For our citizenship is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.. who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.



--------------------------------------------           -----------------------------          ----------------------------------


1. God worked thru many centuries to bring in something “NEW”,

         in reference to man and our means of salvation”


2.Understanding all that God has planned,

        the question comes in Hebrews 2:3

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