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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.



                                                                      “THE RACE”



1. scripture – Hebrews 12:1-3

        -a. looking back over chapter 11, this list of great faithful individuals who

                            -1-. followed the instructions of God

                            -2-. had set forth obedience

                            -3-. endured so many difficulties

                            -4-. and received the promise of eternal salvation by their “faithfulness”


2. Chapter 12 seems to set forth that NOW:           

                             -a. they are watching US

                             -b. they are “sitting in the stands”

                             -c. we are still “in the game” in this world by the lives we live


3. Heb.12:1 specifically states that this “race to accomplish”

                  has been “set before us”

                         -a. God has “set before us” the means whereby salvation is attained

                         -b. Deut.30:15

                         -c. Jer. 21:8                                  

                         -d. and explained as in Isa.1:19-20


4. We have a “RACE TO RUN”  IF we desire the CROWN

                                                    and achieving a victory WILL BE NO ACCIDENT!




   1. Hebrews 11:16..

             -a. they “desired” something more/better/beyond what was here

             -b. Matt.7:24… “those who hear AND seek to follow thru”

                         -1-. many will hear in this world… “people hear everyday”

                         -2. “few” will have to desire to follow through – Matt.7:14


   2.  Matt.11:15… refers to an “attitude”

                -a. ears(hearts/minds) that are attentive to words spoken


               -b. not:

                            ears not turned away from the truth – II Tim.4:4

                            ears just wanting to be tickled(pleased) – II Tim.4:3

                            ears that scarcely hear – Acts 28:27


                      “without a true desire, there will be no accomplishing”



          -c. Heb.11:14…

                          “for they that say such things make it manifest…”

                                  -a. by their actions, everyday lives

                                  -b. they proved this is what they desired


   3. Luke 9:44… “Let these words sink into your ears”


                -a. Matt.13:16…   “blessed are your ears for they hear”

                -b. John 10:27…   “My sheep hear my voice…”


   4. It is the accepting that God has spoken – I Thess.2:13

              and our response is to accept that as truth – II Thess.1:10

-----------------------------------          -----------------------------------        -------------------------------


   1. John 6:35…

            -a. in planning on running in this race

            -b. to prepare the body/our life for what’s coming, ALWAYS is the diet PURPOSED

                           “carbs” for energy

                           “proteins” for muscle                     fuel of the body must be a priority

                          “water” for cleansing/lubrication


   2. In our Christian race, God has provided ALL we need…

             -a. II Timothy 3:16-17

                          -1-. John 6:48.. “I am the bread of life”


                         -2-. “milk” for the babes – I Peter 2:2

                                  and “meat” for the maturing  - Heb.5:14

                                                                        God invites us to “dig in”     ….    ”all you can eat”


                         -3-. Rev.22:17… “take of the water of life freely…”


             -b. these “metaphors” of bread, meat, and water tell us that our needs for

                           our spiritual race ARE PROVIDED FULLY


            -c. Acts 20:32


   3. II Tim.3:15… “wise unto salvation”


   4. Although there are “some today” that teach concerning “additional teachings”

                 from God, the scriptures were “once for all delivered” – Jude verse 3


                       -a. we have all things that pertain to life and godliness – II Pet.1:3

                       -b. with the completed scriptures, the age of miraculous revelation

                                has ceased


         -1-. I Cor.13:10 – when the perfect(completed) has come(N.T. scriptures)

                            -2. the “in part objects” such as inspired prophets, miraculous knowledge

                                            were to cease – I Cor.13:9


   5. James 1:21… “receive with meekness…”

              -a. an attitude that acknowledges God is the authority

              -b. we are the individuals that have went wayward 

              -c. He thru His mercy and grace have “made our salvation possible” – Rom.5:8-9


----------------------------------           -------------------------------         -------------------------------------


   1. training involves a learning process of how to “run”

                                      a bodily process of increasing our abilities

                                       patience in allowing growth to be accomplished

                                       increasing the demands that we improve

   2. II Cor.7:1…

                 -a. “perfecting” = on going practice to strengthen, refine the abilities


                 -b. “holiness” = that which God has established for our lives


                                                                                                                            laws to obey

                                                                                                                            rules to follow


   3. training is the “putting into practice” what has been taught

          -a. without practice, “we will never make it”        let us not fool ourselves!

          -b. the body says stop, but “we press on even more!


   4. there is a “basic plan” devised that seeks to bring about our running and winning…

          -a. “self-discipline” as in I Cor.9:26-27a

                      -1-. Rom.8:13

                      -2-. Gal.5:16

                      -3-. Gal.6:8..

                                     for to work towards the flesh ends in “ruin”

                                     for to work towards “godliness reaps eternal life


                    -4-. I Cor.9:25… to abstain from all that would “weaken” our efforts

                                                                           therefore I Thess.5:21


                   -5-. Therefore, as the Hebrew writer states.. “lay aside the weights” – Heb.12:1

                                                                                          (can’t be said any plainer!!!)


         Imagine running the most important race and CHOOSING  to carry weights with us???


         -b. “endurance” as in James 5:10-11

                             “leg cramps, side aches, sore feet are a part of being trained”

                     -1-. the accepted “bangs and pains” KNOWING what it will bring

                     -2-. overcoming the understood difficulties for our chosen goal – II Tim.3:12


                     -3-. Heb.12:1… “let us run with endurance…”


                     -4-. a chosen goal usually brings certain “hurdles to face” –

                                      -a-. I Pet.4:4  they malign you for not going along with their sin

                                      -b-. I Pet.4:5.. “but they will have to give account for their ways


        -c. “patience” is accepting “it takes time to progress”

                         -1-. before running five miles, we learn to run one mile.

                         -2-. Luke 21:19

                         -3-. a process that evolves thru time, and not just “overnight”

---------------------------------             -----------------------------------         ----------------------------


   1. II Tim.2:5…

            -a. in a specific event, there are RULES to obey

                          -1-. specific time to meet, start

                          -2-. boundaries to stay within

                          -3-.  instructions to follow during the running


          -b. the “RULES” were established before our entrance

                      -a. not allowed to alter/change

                      -b. they are to be “accepted as they exist”            

                      -c. rather than make, we are to comply with what was issued

                      -d. to do otherwise is to be “dis-qualified” – II John verse 9


   2. II Tim.1:13.. “hold to the pattern of sound words…”


   3. Our rules were established by the authority of Christ – Matt.28:18

             -a. the apostles then went forth teaching Christ’s instructions – Matt.28:20

            -b. consistently setting forth that what “they taught” was from the Lord – I Cor.14:37


   4. For this event(eternal salvation), the rules HAVE BEEN WRITTEN/RECORDED

             and as the principal stated by Moses   - Deut.4:2

--------------------------------------            -----------------------------------         ----------------------------


   1. We must cross the “FINISH LINE” to attain the VICTORY!

             -a. in this race, we don’t have to be the first to cross the line

            -b. BUT, we have to finish to course!


   2. We must continue onward… James 5:7….

                     II Tim.3:14…

                                         “you however, continue in the things you have

                                           learned and have been convinced of…”


   3. I Peter 1:9…

         “receiving at the end of your faith the salvation of your souls”


        -a. notice that it is at “the end” of a continuing faith that a promise is obtained


        -b. for many -- shall --  start on this course, but:

                  -a-.  the cares of this world -Lk.8:14

                  -b-. the luxury of life - Lk.12:15

                  -c-. the family relationships

                  -d-.  the entertainment of this world

                  -e-. teachings pleasing unto man -I Tim.4:3           


                 will cause many to stumble, and fall

                 II Tim.2:4…”entangled in everyday affairs”


     -c. salvation is for those who “hold out” for all that is to come.


   4. Gal.6:9


   5. Heb.10:35-39.. to those being pulled back into Judaism and it’s system

---------------------------------------           ---------------------------------            ---------------------------


1. We ARE a part of a great event, salvation of the world,

                                                              our own salvation specifically.



2. All has been planned,

               and we MUST do our part to attain a victory.



3.No one else can run for us, for it is a personal accomplishment


4. II Peter 1:10-11

             Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


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