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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.


      “THE PROMISED SEED”         




1) scripture – Genesis 12:1-4

      -a. one of the greatest and best known passages of scripture,

                 for herein is the “basis for the rest of the Old Testament scriptures”.

           -1-. The rest of the Old Testament is “because of these promises”.

           -2-. The New Testament is the result of what was said here in Gen.12:1-3


     -b. promises made here, are expanded upon for 100’s of years to come, as the

             fulfillment is to be realized throughout the world one day.


     -c. the “call of Abraham” has been called one of the “mountain peaks” in the scriptures.


     -d. the fulfillment of these promises is the theme of the bible

              “the bible is the unfolding events of fulfilling these promises”


 2) His faithfulness unto God is an example set before all, and for those seeking God even today,

         we find they are referred to as “the children of Abraham” in a spiritual sense.





   1. The setting/context when these promises were given:

           -a. Abraham had been told to leave his country, and go to the place that God would

                        show him/settle him in.

          -b. He left “Ur of the Chaldees” headed to the land of “Canaan”-  Gen.11:31

                  -1-. About half way, they stopped, and here his father died – Gen.11:32

                  -2-. We find God again, “go forth” – Gen.12:1

                                                                  Gen.12:1 “go forth”

                                                                  Gen.12:4  “Abraham went forth as commanded”

                                                                  Gen.12:5 “thus they came to the land of Canaan”  



  2.Concerning the promises made, we find:


                (1) “land promise” –

                        -a. Gen.12:7 “I will give this land to your descendants

                        -b. Gen.13:14-15  “look north, south, east , and west and all is yours”

                                Neh.9:8.. “to give him the land of the Canaanite…”


                        -c. Abraham while in Canaan, lived in “the land of promise” – Heb.11:9


                        -d. years later, Moses will take the people to…

                                               Where??? “the promised land” – Deut.26:9,15

                                                                  “the land I swore to Abraham…” Deut.34:1-4


                      -e. after Moses takes them to “the land that flows with milk and honey”- Exo.3:8

                             then Joshua leads them INTO that land and finally providing divided territories,

                                we read – Josh. 21:43


                                                   Neh.9:8.. “and You have fulfilled your promise..”


               (2) “great nation” –

                      -a.Gen.12:2.. “and I will make you a great nation..”

                      -b. Gen.18:18… “Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation


                      -c. eventually 75 people go down into Egyptian lands, - Acts 7:14-15

                                 and over a ”million people” comes forth years later-;

                                                                                                 -1-. Gen.15:5 cf. to Deut. 1:10

                                                                                                 -2-. Neh.9:23

                     -d. from one man, a whole family comes forth, their seclusion in Egypt,

                             made possible a nation of one “bloodline” of millions


              (3) “seed to bless the world” -

                     -a. Gen.12:3 ; 22:18

                     -b. Truly, the more important part of the “promise to Abraham” that:

                              -1-. took longer to bring to pass – Gal.4:4…”in the fulness of time…”

                              -2-. the Jews did not truly come to understand the meaning of

                                        Abraham’s seed(singular) or the law(it’s purpose) for years to come


                    -c. For the “seed” of Abraham that was going to bless the world was

                                      “Jesus Christ the savior” -  Gal. 3:16


                   -d. Acts 3:25-26. “all blessed thru Abraham’s seed”

                                                  “to you first was he sent to turn you from wickedness” 


                   -e. as the Jews and Gentiles would be divided under the Old Testament time,

                              they would both look to Abraham’s seed – CHRIST -  for the promised blessing,

                                that being “eternal life” – Gal. 3:28-29


                 -f. in Christ, the two would become “one group” – Eph. 2:15-16 

                            “make the two into one new man…”


-----------------------------            ---------------------------------            ---------------------------


  1. Concerning the Jewish nation, just the FACT that they were descendants of

      Abraham gave them the belief that --  salvation --  was -- “theirs”


  -a. as they were rejecting the message of John the Baptist:

              -1. he was the forerunner, not the TRUE ONE – John 1:23

              -2. he was not “the Light”, but a witness to the ONE who was – John 1:8


    -b. Matt.3:9-10


  2. Their goodness, their righteousness was based UPON

                                                “who they were” (race, bloodline, nationality)

                                                         and not

                                               what they are presently (daily actions in life)


              “believing salvation was based om FLESH, and not faith!”


  3. Christ set forth it is not “who you are”, but your life will be judged upon

       faithfulness before God -

           -a. Christ setting forth their freedom from laws that would not save,

           -b. a reply came forth – John 8:33    



  4. Seeking to show that “MORE” was needed than just a relationship/bloodline

       -a. John 8:37  - “I know you are Abraham’s descendants..”

       -b. but your deeds/actions ARE NOT AS HE WOULD DO

       -c. John 8:40… Abraham would never set aside a messenger from God, as

              these Jews were doing

   *  -d. Although the Jews were “seeds” of Abraham,

                  they were not the “seed”(singular) that would bring God’s blessings


5. Remembering that, “THEY” were not important because of who  “THEY”  were,

        Deut.7:7-8…  not more in number

        Deut.9:5…  not more in righteousness -

               Rather just a “tool”/ “vehicle”  to bring about God’s will in time


                    “cannot rely on the physical for giving spiritual assurance”

 6. Hopefully, we find/understand that “physical attainments” do not achieve any

      recognition in a spiritual sense before God!

                                                         neither race,

                                                                       social stature,


                                                                       has any effect on our spiritual out come!

-----------------------------        ----------------------------------    -------------------------------



  1. Gen.12:1-3…

            -a. thru the “seed”, there would be granted blessings of God UNTO ALL

            -b. the source of the world being “blessed” was the coming “seed”

            -c. the “seed” would bring forth God’s blessing unto ALL

            -d. for all spiritual blessings come “thru Christ” – Eph.1:3,7


  2.Jews never realizing that “two of the promises” is what would ultimately bring

          forth the “seed promise”

                    land promise

                                              will yield the “seed” promise IN TIME

                    nation promise


  3. Gal.3:16…

          -a. the blessings unto all would come thru the “seed”

          -b. not “seeds” (plural) as referring to the Jews themselves

          -c. but thru Abraham’s “seed” (singular)


      -d. the Jews were not the means whereby blessings unto all the world would come

                “not seeds of Abraham..”


                But “a seed” which is Christ -  Gal.3:19


                        -a. now, thru the Jews DID the fulfilment come – John 4:22

                        -b. but “they”(Jews) were not the fulfillment

                        -c. it was Christ thru them by which the world was blessed


  4. God’s true people, faithful before Him, is not based upon “physical conditions”,

           rather upon the “spiritual faithfulness” of a person – Romans 2:28-29


               28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision,

                   which is outward in the flesh:29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and

                   circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose

                    praise is not of men, but of God.


 5. The true children of Abraham follow in the:

                                 -a. faith of Abraham

                                 -b. not just in the bloodline of Abraham       

                                 -c. Gal.3:7… “those of faith are the sons of Abraham..”


                                “spiritually children of Abraham because we are in Christ

                                  and exhibit a faith like his in our spiritual walk”


                   Abraham  -   Christ -  spiritually Abraham’s children of promise

                   (those who are blessed in this world)         


 6. Rom.4:12 -  “…those who walk in the steps of that faith..”


              -a. told to go …and he went – Gen.12:1-fff…Heb.11:8-9

              -b. told to offer… and he would have given his only son – Gen.22:1-fff

                     “we are descendants of Abraham, by faith, NOT the flesh”


7. Our obedience unto Christ’s will brings forth the blessing once spoken of thru

         Abraham – I John 1:7…

                     II Pet.1:9…

             “receiving at the end of your faith the salvation of your souls”

--------------------------------            ------------------------------      --------------------------------


1. The heirs of the promise made to Abraham, are those:

           -a. who are of faith, walking in the “steps of Abraham”

           -b. whom Christ has redeemed

           -c. are clothed in baptism in Christ -Gal.3:27

           -d. and “keep walking”… not just relying on our baptism only, to save -Heb.6:12


                            we are no different than Jews who had Abrahams bloodline only


                            28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is

                                  neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be

                                  Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

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