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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.






1. scripture – Col.1:1-2

     -a. As with any of the various books, reasons came forth to write

                            “as the inspired writers did”, and recoded these letters..


2. This book was written a time when Paul was imprisoned – Col.4:10,18

           but carried about by others that the churches might have a correct understanding

           in the issues contained herein, and to those here,  taught by Epaphras – 1:7


3. As he starts the letter, the Christians here are commended for their good works;

           -a. 1:4 – had heard of their faith

           -b. love/goodness towards others

           -c. and that this salvation which had come forth “was conditional” – Col.1:23 – “if”

           -d. therefore, after commending them, he brings forth that God’s goodness towards

                       them exists as they “stay with Christ and His will”


          -e. and notice, this “message” was one which Paul had taught and wrote about – Col.1:23



4. But there had come in among those Christians, some seeking to “draw them away”,

             to take over as the lead teachers with “teachings contrary to what inspiration”

             had brought forth, such as ;     Christ really was not God in the flesh

                                                                   “they” had a knowledge superior to the apostles

                                                                   “their beliefs had priority over other previous teachers”


5. This book contains much for us Today…





   1. Christ’s position/identity is sustained thru-out the scriptures

           -a. John 1:1-2… He was God

           -b. Matt.1:23


2. He was God who took on “humanity” – John 1:14


3. He was not just an image, a spiritual phantom that you could see, but not touch,

           rather he was “flesh and blood”


4. Although taking upon himself “flesh” –

      He was “deity” that took on humanity – Col.2:9…1:19


5. Thru the “fleshly body”;

         -a. overcame sin – Heb.4:15

         -b. offered himself as the sacrifice upon the cross – Col.1:22

         -c. and that same body “was raised” from the grave – John 20:27-28


6. Everything He accomplished was set forth as an “example” that we can follow,

          and that required Him being human/fleshly


----------------------------------            ---------------------------------------          --------------------------------


   1. Col.2:8…

          -a. if there was ever a subject wherein so many “different beliefs” are set forth,

                   it is in the area of religion!


         -b. in most areas of thought(on various subjects), there are “sources of authority”

                    which are acknowledged, by which truth is accepted



   2. In religion, that seems not to be the case,

            -a. although we do have a source of authority

            -b. it is believed, this “source” can be perceived with and understood

                     with “your thoughts”

            -c. that “these verses” can be understood “ with whatever your personal view accepts”


   3. BUT, these verses “are not for private interpretation…”  -  II Pet.1:20


            -a. religious society today, although once asking “what do the scriptures mean?”,

                                        are now questioning such as “what do the scriptures mean to me?”


                        “the scriptures can mean whatever you want them to mean”


            -b. and teachers are developing their own beliefs/groups which agree

                          with the conclusions they have reached!


                       “Thru The Looking Glass” famous movie

                             Humpty Dumpty said about words being used

                                                            it means just what I choose it to mean..”



   4. Paul said, “don’t allow yourselves to be captured” by these teachings – Col.2:8

                                       “that are not after Christ” – Col.2:8


             -a. there are persuasive speakers that can “make anything sound good” – Col.2:4

             -b. even today, beliefs concerning eating certain foods

                                                                                        holy days

                                                                                        traditional practices

                                                                                        church positions

                                                                                        varying worship service practices

                                                                                         can’t marry – vs.- having multiple wives

        -c. resulting in as Eph.4:14 states..

                                             “blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine”


       -d. without having a true understanding/knowledge of truth on a subject,

                   individuals are just “pushed and pulled back and forth” between

                   various teachers promoting “their beliefs”!


      -e. the “therefore” starting in verse 16..

              -1-.  “therefore” = a concluding remark

              -2-.  verse 15 – Christ triumphed over all rule and authority(human rule)

              -3-. “therefore” – verse 16

              -4-. no one can accurately judge you as wrong/sinful for not following

                            rules/laws/decrees, that are without divine authority.


                 Ex. Mat.15:1-2.. -a-.  question comes why Christ’s disciple are not observing the traditions?

                                              -b-. Matt.15:9..  they teach as doctrine the commandments of men..”


     -f. even further is the thought;

                   -1-. Col.2:20…  “if you died with Christ..?”

                   -2-. What are you still doing seeking to observe the

                                           .. verse 22 – “the commandments and teachings of men?”


  5. The authoritative word has been revealed – II Tim.3:16-17

           -a. therefore Paul sets forth as in Col.2:6…..  “so walk in Him”

           -b. Col.2:7.. “firmly rooted”

                                “built up”



  6. Col.2:10… “in Him you have been made complete”

             -a. nothing else is needed

             -b. nothing else is allowed

-------------------------------------            ------------------------------------          --------------------------------


   1. Col.3:25…

             -a. and that without respect of persons

             -b. God’s judgment is not based upon human factors… wealth,


                                                                                                                social standing

                                                                                                                authoritative positions

   2. As some were “promoting themselves” by their beliefs,

               -a. let it be known that those adhering to God’s will are “the accepted”

               -b. that no other “human factors” are considered

  3. Acts 10:34-35

            -a. accepting God’s authority/position

            -b. following His specific instructions/laws


  4. I Peter 1:17 … “who judges without respect of persons…”

      Eph.6:9 -  “… and there is not partiality with God…”

      Rom.2:11. concerning the Jew and Gentile…  “…for there is no partiality with God…”

      Gal.2:2… “God shows no partiality…”


  5. Today, the belief that certain ones(i.e. Israel) is a favored people of God is contrary to

              Bible truth.(one of those created beliefs in the religious world)

        -a. although God used certain ones to bring salvation into this world

        -b. a “saved place” in eternal salvation “ is not to be found” for any individuals


  6. We all have an equal opportunity “to attain” unto eternal life

               for God IS NO RESPECTOR OF PERSONS

---------------------------------------         ------------------------------------          ----------------------------------


   1. Col.3:1..

             -a. reminding them of their “having been raised”

                        -1. old man was buried

                        -2. new has come forth


            -b. with this phrase.. “if you have been raised”,

                         he was setting forth an obvious present effect because of a past action.           


                           “something in their past should be affecting their present thoughts”


 -c. Rom.6:4 explains perfectly

       Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.



  2. based upon the definition of baptism is that of;


               submersed                 Thayer’s Greek lexicon – pg.907

               to be covered over


              the immersion in water is symbolic of those deceased and have a burial


         -a.  one of those created beliefs of men being that bible baptism can be

                fulfilled by sprinkling or the pouring of water

                                          (ability to teach such views cannot be sustained)

                                          (no English bibles nor Greek lexicons demonstrate this use)


        -b. as well we find that baptism is “for the forgiveness of sins”, - Acts 2:28

              therefore we are “buried”, and as sins are forgiven, we are raised alive


     -c. Romans 6:17-18

    But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the

      heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made free from sin,

      ye became the servants of righteousness.


 3. Looking back to the previous chapter, chapter 2,

           -a. verse 13 is a further explanation of verse 12

                  -1-. verse 12 speaks of our being buried and then raised up


                 -2-. verse 13 speaks of being dead, and then made alive


                 -3-. “dead” because of sins we had

                        “made alive” because we have been forgiven


                -4-. “buried” for we were dead in our sins

                      “raised” for in being buried, and then forgiven, by our obedience,

                      “we were made alive” therefore raised


      -b. Col. 2: 12.. you were dead, and then

                                you were made alive……………..So what made the difference???


     -c. the “burial” of the old person!

---------------------------------------          --------------------------------         -----------------------------------


   1.Whether it is the “putting off of the old” – Col.3:5-9

                                            OR                                                       this struggle continues onward

                              the “putting on of the new”, Col.3:10-14


   2. This is the challenge before us each day -  II Cor.7:1-fff  ..  “perfecting holiness”


   3. “baptism” was the in initial “putting off-putting on”,

                   and from that point in time it- is- to- continue- forward


   4.  Our life “in Christ” was brought forth that we might;

                   -a. Eph.2:10  .. seek to do good works

                   -b. as opportunities present themselves – Titus.3:8


   5. “putting-off” referring to possibly habits

                          I Cor.15:33.. I Pet.4:4--sometimes people we once associated with(bad influence)

                         Col.3:8--  speech/language used

                         Rom.13:14 --     plans we make –  “don’t plan on sinning”


      “putting-on” as seeking to mature in Christ

                                                                  Acts 17:11 – study of the scriptures/ bible reading

                                                                  Gal.6:10 -   seeking opportunities to help others

                                                                 Col.3:12-13..humility, patience, forgiving


  6. Col.3:10 -  “put on the new self….in the image of the One who created him”

----------------------------------        ---------------------------------------       --------------------------------


1. Paul, desiring the salvation of those in Colossae “wrote for a purpose”


2. Those lessons “recorded” are still relevant for us today


3. Phil.3:12-14


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