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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.


                                                   “GREATER IS THE  NEW TESTAMENT”



1) scripture – II Corinthians 3:1-6…

        -a. as set forth within the scriptures, the “Old Testament” was set aside by the

                introduction of the New Testament…

           -1-. people cannot be bound by two laws systems at the same time

           -2-. if there was one in effect, it has to be dissolved before another can take it’s place

           -3-. Romans 7:4

                     “made dead to the law that you might be joined to another, even Christ…”


       -b. A FACT that many religious people even today do not understand, but it is still a FACT


       -c. Often in teaching this subject, we go to many different verses within about any

               of the New Testament books “to understand this item”,

                the “doing away of the Old and the institution of the New Testament”

                -1-. every N.T. book has teachings about this

                -2-. the whole book of Hebrews was written for this purpose


2) Here in II Cor.3, we have a whole chapter where Paul just sets forth this emphasis,

       that the Old Testament passed and the New Testament NOW EXISTS

         -a. of this gospel which, when “unveiled” provides salvation – II Cor.4:4

         -b. concerning this “treasure contained within earthen vessels” – II Cor.4:7


 3) The point of this chapter is to establish that the means of salvation:

             -a. is not found in looking back to the Old Testament

             -b. rather acknowledging and following the New Testament

             -c. purpose for this teaching here being that the “false teachers” were

                      teaching a corrupted doctrine,

                      that the “Old Testament still had laws that were binding”

             -d. therefore Paul has to start by establishing his “authority” – II Cor.3:1-ff



(I) II Cor.3:1-6…

      -1.”do we need letters of recommendation to speak or write to you…?”

         -a-. After Paul wrote 1 Corinthians,  “false teachers” came among the people

                     questioning Paul’s apostleship, his authority, “we are superior” attitude

                   -1-. II Cor.10:8-10 “…they say his letters are weighty..”

                   -2-. “some of those who commend themselves…”- II Cor.10:12


       -b. II Cor.3:1  “do we need as some, letters..”

                            -1-. “some” referring to the “teachers seeking their own cause”

                            -2-. II Cor.2:17



 -2. “you are our letter..” was Paul’s response

           -a. “letters” were written by other who knew the truth of a matter

           -b. “letters” are from the recognized source of truth

           -c. therefore…

                      -1-. They were Christians BECAUSE Paul had come there and taught

                      -2-. They were Christians BECAUSE Paul had given them miraculous abilities

                      -3-. He WAS their source of becoming Christians in the first place

            -d. he came there, and lived for 1 ½  years, taught, worked with his hands


                         -1-. I Cor.4:15   “I am your father in the gospel”

                                    Their teacher which produced Christianity in their lives


                        -2-. I Cor.9:1 – “are ye not my work in the Lord…?”

                        -3-. Acts 18:1,3,11


 3. Paul was asking, “do I REALLY NEED proof of who I am to you???”

              -a. as a matter of fact, “you are my letter”  - II Cor.3:2

                                                          ILL. a man founded and built a great business Industry till

                                                                 it was worth millions. “from scratch.”.

                                                                 years later he returns, looking for a job, and the employees

                                                                 whom he had  hired years earlier, ask ”what can you do???”

                                                                 he said… “JUST LOOK AROUND YOU”                                                         


 4. Thru God, these abilities, this authority was granted

         “who made us(apostles) ministers” II Cor.3:6

          -a. Col.1:23

          -b. Epf.3:7




 5. II Cor.3:6…

             -a. “who made us ministers of a new covenant…”

             -b. not of the letter (Old Testament)

             -c. but of the Spirit  (New Testament)


             -d. in the rest of this chapter, he will set forth the difference between

                                  the “letter” (Moses teachings engraved on stone tablets)


                                 the  “Spirit”   (Holy Spirit’s teaching from Christ in New Testament)


 6. Notice the comparisons to be used in this chapter



                     the new covenant                               not of the letter


                                                               WHY ?


                    Spirit gives life                                           the letter kills


      -a. the Spirits teachings are sent from Christ

      -b. the letters teachings were from Moses


7. Paul states, we were sent to teach “the new”…not the old


     ------------------------------            ----------------------------------           --------------------------------



(II) II Cor.3:7-8..


     -1. We are given two comparisons here…

              -a. the “ministry of death” –  written on stone --- had glory


              -b. the “ministry of the Spirit” – N.T  --shall exceed in glory


  -2. Although the Old Testament had  “glory”,

           that which HAS COME  surpasses it in “GLORY”


           -a. the “glory” of the Old Testament was “demonstrated by the

                   shining of Moses face” after speaking with God. -

                    -1-.Moses received the “tablets” and comes down the mountain – Exo.34:29

                    -2-. Moses spoke to the people, then veiled his face – Exo.34:33

                    -3-. WHY the “veil?”

                    -4-. Paul states … Moses did not want the people to see the fading glory- II Cor.3:13


           -b. “veil” - item which prohibits understanding

                              item which stops things from being clearly seen

                              item which prohibits recognition    

                              because of a “veil” I cannot correctly perceive what is beyond                            


         -b. SO, Paul’s POINT/AIM/GOAL  in this chapter is to say..

                     -1-. Just as the Israelites could not see the fading glory of Moses face

                                   because he put a veil over it


                             MOSES SOUGHT TO HID THE FADING OF THE GLORY


                     -2-. The Jews Paul was talking about, in like manner,  could not see the

                                fading glory

                                doing away

                                of the law because they had “veiled hearts”


      -c. II Cor.3:15…

                   “But unto this day, whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their hearts..”


--------------------------------          --------------------------------             -----------------------------------

(III) II Cor.3:9-11…


    -1. Another “comparison comes forth…

          -a.  there was the “ministry of condemnation” which had glory

                       -1-. which offered no freedom from sin – Acts 13:39

                       -2-. which could not give completeness/perfection

                               Hebrews 10:1 summary verse –

                           “For the Law, since it was only a shadow of the good things to come

                             can never,  by the same sacrifices which they continually offer year by year,

                             make perfect those who draw near…”


       notice – the Law…can never…make perfect”    --summary of the Old Testament


                                         a three point summary of the Law Law is contained herein”


          -b. the “ministry of righteousness” which surpasses

                    -1-. provides complete forgiveness of sins – Heb.10:18

                    -2-. which provides a better  “messenger”  - Heb.1:1

                                                                        “high priest” – Heb.8:1

                                                                        “sacrifice” – Heb.10:5-6

                                                                        “rest’ – Heb.4:11

                                                                         “way” – Heb.10:20


    -2. Those with “veiled faces” wanted to hold on to “that which was fading”

                 for the “veil” covered their eyes, their understanding of truth

                -a. as in II Cor.4:4 .. blinded so that the light of the gospel cannot be seen

                -b. those  with “veiled eyes” shall perish for truth is not accepted -II Cor.4:3


---------------------------------           --------------------------------            -----------------------------------

(IV) II Cor.3:12-16…

   -1. “therefore” brings in a concluding thought…

             -a. once understanding a comparison of the two covenants,

                  The New Covenant gives us “hope” to be thankful for



                  First Covenant                                                      Second Covenant


                           old           -------------------------------------            new

                        letter         --------------------------------------           Spirit

       ministry of condemnation     -------------------       ministry of righteousness

          ministration of death        ----------------------          ministration of spirit

                         kills               ---------------------------------           gives life

               made glorious    ------------------------------------   glory that exceeds

                   done away     --------------------------------------         remaineth


  -2. II Cor.3:14..

                -a. “but their minds were hardened”

                       -1-. Not accepting that the law was a “shadow of things to come” – Heb.10:1

                       -2-. Rejecting the purpose for the law – Gal.3:24

                       -3-. Not accepting that Christ was “the end of the law” – Rom.10:4


            ILL> like this thorny bush that you plant, and

                   in time, this beautiful rose blooms


-----------------------------------          --------------------------------           ----------------------------------

(V) II Cor.3:17-18…

     -1. In this chapter, there is a basic contrast between:

              -a. “the letter” -  Moses teachings, graven tablets of stone, ministry of condemnation




              -b. “the Spirit” – Christ’s teachings, New Testament, ministry of righteousness


  -2. The Lord is the author/authority/foundation of the New Testament

          -a. for those accepting the teachings of the N.T.

          -b. there is liberty/freedom

 -3. Verse 18…

           “but we all with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the

             glory of the Lord are changed into that same image from glory

             to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord..”


               -a. without the “veil”, there is acceptance of the teachings of the New Testament

               -b. we look into the teachings/instructions of the gospel

               -c. we put into practice, change our ways, actions, speech, habits

               -d. we are “transformed”  -  II Cor.5:17  … “a new creation in Christ”



-----------------------------------        ----------------------------------          ----------------------------------


1) II Corinthians chapter 3  IS  one of the greatest chapters to establish

            the distinction between the Old and New Testaments


 2)   In like manner, besides the obvious teaching,

        we must put aside any “veil” which hinders the acceptance of truth


3) By looking into the teachings of the gospel, and seeking to change our lives,

        we are “transformed into the image of Christ”


4) because of the promises of God, as Paul stated,

          “let us be bold to hold forth the light of the gospel”


5) II Cor.4:5

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