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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.


                                            “HERE, BUT HEADED THERE”




1)  scripture – I Corinthians 15:46-49

      -a. these verses set forth that which we are so aware

      -b. the context is “of the body”, the fleshly physical “house” we which we inhabit

             while in this world… we are “HERE”  now


     -c. a body of “flesh” comes first

    -d. then later, comes the “spiritual body” .. the one fitted for eternity 

                                      one day to be “THERE”

2) I Cor.15:50..

                 “for flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God”


      -a. the body of this world shall be changed for the eternal realm…

      -b. I Cor.15:53



3) So, while we are here in this world we are “BASED”(temporary), although we are

            “BOUND” for an eternal life


4) To look around, to touch with your hand, to experience with our senses,

               this is the “world we are familiar with”



5) “THIS WORLD” is what holds the attention of the majority of the people

         -a. never looking “up”

         -b. but only for what can be obtained “here”

         -c. as Paul weeped that there were enemies of the cross

                   Phil.3:18-19… “whose god is their belly”


         -d. who look not beyond this world, for “it is all that matters”


6) So, it is a challenge, a struggle to be at the same time

                    “earth based”


                   “heaven bound”


                 “a struggle between the here-and-now--- and--- the there-and-then


7) As Paul sets forth there will be those who

                Phil.3:19…  “set their minds on earthly things”

                                                            and                                   two different groups

                Phil. 3:20… “whose citizenship is in heaven”

8) The thought of a “BASE” wherein discipline, preparation, training, knowledge is attained that

          prepares for the place we are “BOUND”


                Note: “base” - containment area where in abilities are made ready for coming events

                           Bases are departed from   in anticipation of achieving the future goals


                                -1. as we are in this world

                                -2. and our abilities/deeds/actions should be enhanced/matured

                                -3. For Christ SHALL come again


            -a. as a military base camp where training, instruction, is given

            -b. as a base camp for those about to climb a great mountain

                       “places established to prepare for the coming events of the future”          


 9) we can achieve, move forward in attitudes, knowledge, character


     we can falter, mix right in with all others, fail to look above






        1) Phil.3:17

              -a. while “here” instruction have been instituted that promote our

                         spiritual welfare – II Peter 1:3 …  “given all things that pertain unto godliness”

             -b. II Timothy 3:16-17.. “all scripture is profitiable…”


2) and this “pattern” that is to be followed “here”,  IS  what will get us “there”

      -a. God has never left us to “do as we choose” – Jer.10:23

      -b. instructions that bring about righteousness are to be


                                                                                                         meditated upon/digested

                                                                                                         implemented into our lives

                                                                                                            (put into practice)


    -c. James 1:21… “receive with meekness the implanted word”

         James 1:25… looks into the law                                                      this man shall be blessed

                                 abides by it.. “not a hearer, but a doer”



------------------------------                  ----------------------------------          -----------------------------



    1) Phil.3:20
            -a. God has prepared a “city” / dwelling place for His people

            -b. we have not “here”  an abiding city - Hebrews 13:14

                    the physical is subject to wear, tear, and eventually destruction – II Pet.3:10


            -c. the “base” is the staging/planning location from which we leave


   2) the patriarchs/prophets looked with their “spiritual eyes” for the city

              built by God—the eternal home – Heb.11:10

          -a. they wandered thru various lands –“looking”- Heb.11:16

          -b. John states that in a vision, “he saw that great city” – Rev.21:2


  3) song... ‘This World Is Not My Home”

                        I’m just a passing thru,

                        My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue…”


4) preparations to “live here” are invalid,

         -a. Col.3:1… “seek the things that are above”

               Col.3:2.. “set your minds on the things above”


         -b. Matt.6:19-20… “  store not up treasures on earth,

                                               rather store up treasures in heaven…”   


5) As those “who know” they are traveling thru – I Pet.2:11


--------------------------------          ---------------------------------          ---------------------------------


   1) Phil.3:20

         -a. although “here” now, presently,   we shall go “there” FROM WHEREIN HE CAME

         -b. ask Christ ascended after His resurrection…

                       -1-. Acts 1:10-11

                                 -a-. He has gone into heaven

                                 -b-. He shall so come from heaven


                     -2-. Christ ascended into heaven, and shall come again for those who have

                                  prepared themselves while in this life-waiting for His return -Heb.9:28

  2) At a time “selected by the Father”, Christ shall return as promised

           -a. Acts 3:21 ..  “whom the heavens will hold on to UNTIL God’s will is set in motion”


  3) John 14:3..”I go away, AND I SHALL COME AGAIN, that where I am you may be also”

        -a. so all time is AWAITING His arrival

        -b. this is the PROMISE / the REASON we try to “live above this world”


        -c. for as Paul said, “if there was no resurrection”

                                            “if there was no promise of this great afterlife”

                I Cor.15:33.. ”let us eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may die”


     4) for those who have “sought to seek His will”..

          -a. strived to live a life as a Christian

          -b. “this return” is what we have been/are EXPECTING- I Thess.1:10

          -c. Titus 1:2…our “hope” is the promised eternal life

          -d. just as the O.T. pointed towards/looked forward to the N.T.

                   So the N.T. looks forward to Christ’s return


   5) The “end result” in the New Testament is not “just the church existing”,

        The “end result” of the whole bible is not just everyone saved here in this world!




          -a. as Christ shall present the church to the Father

          -b. this fulfills the plan designed from all eternity- I Cor.15:24


----------------------------------             -------------------------------           ----------------------------------


   1) Phil.3:21…

         -a. to go “there” REQUIRES A CHANGE

         -b. the physical, fleshly, worldly  CANNOT ENTER that spiritual realm


   2) “who will fashion anew our vile/humble body”

           -a. not “vile”(KJV) as in dirty or corrupted

           -b. rather the body that was “of a low estate”…”of this world”

           -c. for the “body that shall be”  is so greater in glory to that which we have here


  3) II Cor. 5:1

             “for we know if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down,

               we have a building from God..”


  4)   I Corinthians 15: sets forth various comparisons:


                               sown perishable …..     raised imperishable – vs.42

                              sown in dishonor…..      raised in glory – vs. 43

                              sown in weakness…..     raised in power  -vs.43

                              sown a natural body…..  raised a spiritual body


 5)I Corinthians 15:49

                                                  “just as we have born the image of the earthly,

                                                  we shall bear the image of the heavenly”

 6)   I Cor.15:53


 7) By the “power of God” who called into existence all things

             will this come about – Phil.3:21

-------------------------------------            ------------------------------        ---------------------------------------


1) As we are “BASED” here, it is the time to prepare for where we are “BOUND”


2) All needed provisions, instructions, have been provided that we might be prepared


3) During the time that we are “HERE”

           let us prepare  that we might be “THERE” eternally


4) I Thess. 4:17

              “and so shall we ever be with the Lord”



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