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To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.



                                                            “DOING RIGHT, THE WRONG WAY”


1. scripture – II Sam.6:1-10

     -a. these scriptures set forth the “start” of an event in history,

              and the principles learned will forever exist.

    -b. Rom.15:4


             Plaque in a museum reads;

                     “a person who knows and dwells in history adds a new dimension to

                       His existence, they no longer in the one plane of present ways and thoughts;

                       They live in the whole of space and life, past, present, and even foresees

                       somewhat what the future may hold…”


2. Understanding the events here, the context is “half the lesson”,

           but must be set forth for the “context”


3.understanding the surrounding events;

  (1) Shiloh, which had been Israel’s worship center had been captured – I Sam.4:10

          -a. people were wicked and God “allowed” their defeat –

                   Acting innocent, the people say as in I Sam.4:3 “why did God allow our defeat?”


         -b. AND, the “ark of the covenant” had been stolen – I Sam.4:11


         -c. the “ark of the covenant”                                            

              -1-. Exo.25:21-22 -  built while Israel was at Mount Sinai as they came from Egypt

                                                     (along with the tabernacle and all the other tabernacle furniture)

              -2-. The place wherein God would meet with Israel

              -3-. It symbolized God’s presence among His people

              -4-. As the tabernacle was divided into two compartments, “holy” and “holy of holies”

                         the ark was “only item in “most holy area”




 -d. So, the events…

            -1-. The ark had been stolen, captured by the Philistines- I Sam.4:10-11

            -2-. The treasure of Israel had been stolen


-e. So it is taken to Philistine city of

          -1-.   Ashdod – I Sam. 5:1

                    -a. put it in their temple beside the statue/idol of their god- dagon(man-fish)

                    -b. maybe as an offering to their god

                    -c. next morning, their god had fallen before the ark -vs.3…they stand their god up

                    -d. next morning, their god had fallen and was broken -vs.4

                    -d. bleeding tumors spread among the people – vs.6-7


           -2-. So it was taken to Philistine city of

                    Gath – I Sam.5:8        

                     -a. and in that city

                     -b. plagues broke out among the people -I Sam.5:9


          -3-. So, it was taken to the Philistine city of

                   Ekron – I Sam.5:10

                        -a. and they cried out

                        -b. are you going to kill us as well – I Sam.5:10


                        -c. therefore, a plan to “return the ark” was set forth that no more “plagues”

                                    would come upon them.

                        -d. therefore, I Sam.6:7..

                                          “prepare a new cart, and send it back…”         


          -4-. So much more, but it ends up at the house of Abinadad – I Sam.7:1


                                                              It just stays here


                    -a. some 60 plus years pass ----(from I Sam.5---to our starting scripture—II Sam.6)

                    -b. Jerusalem, during this time, had been chosen as the “city of God” – II Chron. 6:6

                    -c. So, David comes to house of Abinadad to bring the ark to Jerusalem

                                                                 back to II Sam.6:3…our starting scripture



        -5-. David sets the ark on a new cart and heads out

                    -a. things don’t go well

                    -b. oxen stumbled on the way, Uzzah, reached out to steady the ark, and was killed

                                                                                                                                                 II Sam.6:7

                    -c. David is afraid, and leaves it at the house of Oded-edom – II Sam.6:9-10

                    -d. he is frustrated,

                          he does not understand, for he is seeking to reverence God by his actions


        -6-. NOTICE..

               -a. God had specifically instructed Israel, at Mt. Sinai “HOW” this ark was to be carried

                        -1-. Exo.25:14…poles attacked to the ark were to be lifted and carried on

                                                         shoulders of the Levites ONLY

              -b. the priests were to “cover all the holy items” and THEN the Levites, were to

                    carry them by the attached poles

                    -1-. So the priests “covered all the holy items”

                   -2-. Levites had to wait, for if they “see” the holy items they shall die – Num.4:20

                   -3-. After holy items covered, then the Levites were then to bear the

                                   holy items on their shoulders ---  Num.4:15

              And when Aaron and his sons have finished covering the sanctuary and all the furnishings of the sanctuary, when the camp is set to go, then the sons of Kohath shall come to carry them; but they shall not touch any holy thing, lest they die.


      -7-. In complete disregard to God’s will,

                 -a. this man, after God’s own heart” – I Sam.13:14

                 -b. built a new cart upon which to carry the ark

                 -c. but WHY might he have done this???




   1. “this is what others had done before” – I Sam.6:7


   2. looking back, what could have been wrong with what they did?


   3. Without thinking, he had been influenced, he copied their actions

                                                                                     He followed their ways/beliefs


  4. We have the ability to be “influenced” by those around us as well.


              -a. influenced by those with “money”

                                                                 “social stature”

                                                                 “positions of authority”


            -b. I Kgs.12:26-33

                  -1-.  King Jeroboam, with his position/influence

                  -2-. He changed where Israel worshipped

                                                the priesthood officials

                                                the specific day which God had decreed       

                 -3-. For hundreds of years to come, all followed “his ways”


   5. David, seeking to “do good” sought to follow ways that were not acceptable,

           for God HAD HAD GAVE HIS WILL ON THE SUBJECT, and David was wrong!


  6. the religious world today seeks to influence US as they allow,

             -a.  women preachers into assemblies,

                                although Paul said “I do not permit such…” – I Tim.2:12

            -b. musical instruments in worship,

                                although God has instructed “singing” as the music to be offered- Eph.5:19


           -c. baptism as an optional action,

                               although God has commanded this – Acts 10:48

                                                                                                  Mark 16:15

7. David “meant well”, but his actions were in complete disrespect for what had been

            commanded by inspiration, and he was at fault.


8. Never, just because others are acting in certain ways does that “authorize” our actions,

                    for our authority must be from above – Matt.28:18.. Christ has all authority

-----------------------------           ---------------------------------         ---------------------------


   1. Do we think we have the ability to “improve upon” all that God has specifically

               set forth thru scripture?

            -a. man has often “decided” there is another way “to do it”

            -b. but God’s thoughts are higher- Isa.55:8-9

            -c. our thoughts “seem to us” better? – Prov.14:12


   2. It does seem to be the case that the thought often set forth is;

          -a. “If I like it, then God will like it”

          -b. “as long as I am doing something because I love God, then it must be acceptable”


          -c. but from the scriptures, we just can’t find that concept…

                  -1-. Amos said to Israel that was worshipping in ways contrary to inspiration

                           -a-. Amos 4:4… “….for this pleases you..”

                          -b-. not that God was accepting!

                          -c-. but this is what the people liked…      


   3. In David’s seeking to serve and reverence/show respect unto God,

               his method in acting was found to be “unacceptable before God”


   4. We once had a visitor that said,

                “If you do this ________________________,

                    you could fill this building.”


  5. But, the question is, “who are we seeking to please?”

        -a. Gal.1:10

        -b. we must do “what pleases God, whether few or many come”

        -c. So many things done in religious gatherings today “are far from the scriptures”


 6. II Kgs.5:11

         -a. Naaman sought a “cleansing from God”

         -b. but he believed it should be carried out “his way”

         -c. his famous words being “Behold, I thought…”


 7. Those in the book of Galatians were seeking to “change what God had set forth” – Gal.1:8


8. We must never allow “changes” to what we can “read in the scriptures” – II Tim.3:16-17



----------------------------              ----------------------------------         ------------------------------


   1. II Sam.6:11-12…

            -a. God had specified how the ark was to be moved

                        -1-. Priests were to cover

                        -2-. Levites were to carry on their shoulders            Num.4:15


            -b. David was determined to bring the ark to Jerusalem


   2. Therefore someone(possibly a prophet or priest) instructed David in the MISTAKE

              that he had made earlier;

  -a. we then read in II Sam.6:12-13..

               Later is recorded what David came to understand                







 -b. I Chron.15:12-13

            For because ye did it not at the first, the Lord our God made a breach

            upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order.




                  -c.  read---we must accept the full meaning of this verse

                          -1-. the “first attempt” was not according to God’s specific will

                          -2-.  God was displeased

                          -3-. for “we sought Him not after the due order”


                                      David admitted, we did not follow the will of God


                -d. I Chron.15:14, verse 25


   3. The religious world says “we are offering praise”, and that is all that matters.


   4. God’s authority was to be respected, and although David “meant well”,

               there was no blessing to be obtained when not “following the direct instructions”.


                 -a. David understood ----we sought Him not according to the ordinance

                 -b. “we did not do what He said!”


            ILL.  Christianity is not like a car, and that 20 years from now,

                       man can bring forth great improvements to God’s will/our actions

                                                                                                                          our worship events


   5. Christianity has already “a perfected pattern” based on following God’s will;

                  -a. sacrifice was Christ

                  -b. organization structure with elders, deacons, members – I Tim.3:1-13

                  -c. worship items which are authorized in scripture  prayer




                                                                                                               Lords Supper 


   6. At any point in time when we leave/go beyond these specifics,

                                                                                “we left Christ behind” – II John verse 9


   7. We are “in step with Christ” as we walk according to what is recorded,

                and what we are to learn is to “not go beyond what is written” -

                                                                                                I Cor.4:6

 8. Just because we may not follow other “religious practices” as are not found in scripture,

             Paul said “let them not judge you as a wrong doer” – Col.2:16


-------------------------------           -------------------------------------        --------------------------


1. In our service and worship before God, we must never allow others to influence

           us into thinking that in “some way’, we can improve/change by inventions of men

           new items/actions by which we offer unto God.


2. Just because some things may “please us” DOES NOT  mean they are acceptable unto God


3. From the actions of David, let us learn this basic lessons,

                   For this was written for us – I Pet 4:11

                 “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God;



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