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Church of Christ           New Richmond, Wisconsin

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Church of Christ


1491 County Road A, P.O. Box 65

New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017 


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Zoom Sunday morning assembly and Wednesday night bible study

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Mike Hunt, Preacher

(904) 608-5276


Mark Knutson, Member

(715) 497-7596


Eric Olson, Member

(715) 431-0053



Our Mission

To serve God by teaching the scripture in spirit and truth and to have unity of the spirit in that truth through our love for Christ and for each other.






The Church of Christ in its truest form is a fellowship of people who have faith in Jesus as the Son of God and accept Jesus as the Savior who restores them to God. Whether a person is in the church is ultimately dependent upon God's judgement and mercy regardless of what another person may think.  A person claims to be in the church by faith and reliance on God.  In this truest form the church is a spiritual family without division.

In an earthly context, the Church of Christ seeks to be the fellowship of people who God has added to the church.  Our heritage has unfolded over the last 174 years in a way that has indeed added some denominational and even exclusive tones to this earthly fellowship.  In the beginning of this movement, however, the desire was to be Christians only; known only by the name Christian, without any earthly divisions.  For this reason the phrase, Church of Christ, was used as part of a sentence and was not intended to be used as a title for division.  The intent was to say, "The Church of Christ meets here.", and then all those who enjoyed a relationship with God through faith in Jesus would find a place of welcome among their spiritual family.  Over time, Church of Christ, became a title of this particular group of Christians to others and even within its own fellowship.

We in the New Richmond Church of Christ seek to provide a place where Christians can gather together for the glory of God and be known as Christians only.  It is not our intent to cast judgement on those who meet elsewhere for the Glory of God.


The Message


The message we bring is the message of Jesus.  The work of Jesus was and is to restore people to God, the creator of all things.  To understand Jesus' work one must understand our need for restoration in the first place.

People have the ability to make choices.  When we choose to do the things that do not please God, then we commit sin.  God cannot have a relationship with anything that is unholy, so our sin causes us to be separated from God, and we have all sinned.  God is just and though He loves us He will let us recieve what we deserve.  Consider how a parent might punish a child.  The child may receive what is deserved, but the parent still loves the child.

While God is just, He is also merciful, but mercy is offered on His terms.  Jesus took our punishment for us, an by obedient faith in his work, we are restored to God.  When God looks at the faithful, He doesn't see their sin because the punishment that Jesus accepted satisfies God's desire for justice.  Therefore, by faith in Jesus and his life, death, burial, and ressurection, we contact the mercy of God and receive eternal life.

As the recipients of this gift it is natural for the faithful to want to please God and live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus.  There is a change when a person claims faith in Jesus.  This change shows itself by a desire to live our lives for the good of others, for the glory of God and no longer in a way that seeks only our own good. 

This is the message that we bring.  It is called the Gospel; the Good News, and it is good news for those who realize they are separated from God to discover that there is a way back to God.  The name of the way is Jesus.


The Source


We believe the Bible.  It is our source of knowledge about Jesus.  We accept that God has provided the Bible for us by inspiring those whose testimonies and letters are contained therein.  When questions arise, the Bible is our standard.  We agree that the Bible does not uncover every mystery of God, but that it teaches us sufficiently for us to be restored to our Creator.

Many people have studied the Bible and have been successful in writing the message in understandable ways.  We appreciate their efforts and the many thoughts they share in commentary and instruction, but when a person speaks of God, we believe his thoughts must agree with testimonies and teaching of the bible.  An old saying from our heritage goes like this:  "Speak where the Bible speaks, and be silent where the Bible is silent."


An Open Invitation


You are cordially invited to visit our congregation.  This is simply an introduction of who we are and what we believe.  Please stop by and study with us as we seek to learn of Jesus and build faith in him.




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